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April Easter Blog

My oh April is here already – the months are flying past or is that just my imagination

I thought it might be nice to check out a variety of patterns and items that go so well with this time of year. Let us start with Rabbits – who doesn’t love a fluffy rabbit.

The collage shows 5 Plates from the Copeland Series of “Rabbits” along with a Ridgway’s Version and a Doulton Version – left and right on the last row

W T Copeland plates c 1891

Ridgways plate c1871

Doulton plate c1910

These plates are very hard to find so if you do find one for sale, I would suggest you grab it quick!! before someone else does.

Adding to the Rabbit plates here are a few nice accompaniments that you could look out for as well as another couple of plates you may want to find

Cavendish Baskets by Keeling & Co. great for an Easter Display c1912

Rabbit plate is another by Copeland Spode – this one has the border that was used for their Tower pattern.

The Egg Basket with Egg Cups is made by Charles Ford c1900 – this example is not perfect someone loved it enough to have staple rivets put into the handle.

The polychrome with blue plate is “Wildlife” by Mintons c1905

Then we have Egg Coddlers by Worcester, pair of unknown egg cups along with a Spode Egg Cup.

(What is an Egg Coddler? To use the Egg Coddler you cracked your egg into it replace the lid then place it in a water bath and lightly cooked just below boiling temperature. Charlie Washer makes a good coddled egg and introduced them to me although they are English !!) And lastly, on this collage, you have a Rabbit Plate by Bishop and Stonier with a pattern name of Lincoln c1891.

Look at the variety of Egg Baskets/Egg Cup Holders – very hard to find complete so a real treasure should you be lucky enough to find one with or without egg cups.

We start with one in the Blue Onion or Meissen Pattern – maker unknown to me then we have a set in the Cavendish pattern by Keeling & Co. c1912 and another in the Briar pattern by Burgess & Leigh.

A wonderful set with spoons in the Byronia pattern by Villeroy & Boch this is a stunner for a centrepiece on the breakfast table.

The centre picture is a lovely set in a feather design – pattern and maker unknown.

On the bottom row is a set made by Charles Ford pattern unknown dating around 1900.

Pretty set by Wiltshaw & Robinson pattern unknown and finally, we have something a little different by Copeland a lovely polychrome Breakfast Set – so you can have toast with your egg Such a great variety!

Look at this wide variety of egg cups – something small that you can fit into any little space We have Carlton with a red ground by S. Alcock, Watteau by Doulton, a great array of single and double egg cups, Double Egg Cups in the Madras pattern by Upper Hanley, 5 single egg cups in the Gainsborough pattern, Ruins pattern, Holland pattern, Sheet pattern and another Gainsborough, and lastly a pedestal single egg cup made by Wedgwood.

Another wide variety of single and double egg cups and ways to display and group them.

A lovely display of Labelle double egg cups, a wonderful variety of flow blue and polychrome egg cups and look at that lovely rabbit standing guard on the 3 double egg cups. A great display case where the egg cups can all stand to attention.

Double egg cups are made to accommodate a chicken egg in one end and a duck or goose egg in the larger end. So fits all tastes.

I hope you have enjoyed taking time to enjoy these lovely photographed pieces – and maybe it will give you a little inspiration to search for your own treasures.

Don’t forget that the Annual Convention this July in Middleton will have a wealth of flow blue, Mulberry, Polychrome and Ground colours for you to admire and buy either at table sales or auction – along with friends to catch up with. So much more than just a convention.

April brings us Passover, Easter and Earth Day whichever one you celebrate enjoy your families stay safe and always be kind to yourself and others.