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Body Shapes DB Request

Body Shapes Data Base Request

Dedicated members of the FBICC Education Committee are changing the way we think about teapots. The initial portion of a new Body Shapes database premiers on the FBICC website ( this summer.

What will this information do for you the member? It helps you:

1.      Identify the body shape of your teapot, sugar bowl, or other pieces on the website by several different methods.


2.      Find the shape and manufacturer of an unmarked pattern, making it easy to locate the name of your pattern in Pattern ID.

3.      Learn which shapes are common and which are rare.

In the first year, the focus is on teapots and your help is needed. To make our body shape data- base attractive, we are striving for consistency in its layout. If possible, please send pictures with the spout of the teapot (pitchers/jugs are accept- able, too) facing to the left side with its handle on the right (1). Also, send a photo of the foot- print of the teapot (2) for shape identification (oval, round, rectangular, etc.). Finally, a sepa- rate picture of the teapot lid will help us with finial recognition (3). A Body Shapes Database form is posted on the website so that accurate information about each teapot may be gathered. Please download and fill out one sheet for each teapot photo you contribute.

Send flow blue teapot photos to Bill Wetherton at, and mulberry ones to Helen Swan at If you want to volunteer to work on this project from your home, contact Helen Swan at

Body Shape DB Request Form