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Flow Blue

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Turkey Sets

Now we couldn’t let November pass without a Blog showing Turkey Sets Turkey Platters, Plates and Sets come into their own when November brings “Thanks Giving” and December brings “Christmas”. The history behind the Turkey patterns and the great platters goes back generations when it was traditional for a Large Turkey to grace the dining table for Thanks Giving, I am sure some of you have inherited pieces that go way back in your families while others are just starting the tradition of collecting and using them for their...

Mulberry & Polychrome and Fall Colors

October Blog October is such a lovely month with Nature sharing her wonderful colours before the cold crisp days of winter. So, with Autumn on our doorsteps and winter around the corner what better way to brighten the days than mixing the colours of autumn with a little Mulberry, don’t they look good together? What is Mulberry?? From the Lady of Mulberry, Ms Ellen Hill in her book “Mulberry Ironstone Flow Blues Best Kept Little Secret” I quote “Ironstone China made primarily in England between 1840 and 1870 transfer printed or...


Welcome to our first monthly Feature Page also known as our monthly Blog - I thought I would start off this new venture with a pattern that is rare and also quite common. Interested ? then read on The pattern I have chosen to start our new venture is Corean by Podmore Walker The common pattern or let’s say more often seen pattern is Corean in Mulberry The rarer find is Corean in Flow Blue. When reading Petra Williams book “Flow Blue...

The Distin Family – Research of a Moulded Relief Jug

Early in 2014 Warren Macy asked me if I knew anything about the figure which appears on the relief moulded jug pictured below: At that time I didn't know much about it, so I couldn't be of help to him. Several months later at the FBICC annual auction, the jug was offered and I bought it. It had been classified for auction as a Musician figural jug and was subsequently entered as such into the FBICC Pattern Identification Database. In my search for information, I looked in two of my reference books on...


About the Flowing Process – George Wells

A lot has been written about the production of flow blue and mulberry china, but when potters and collectors attempt to explain the actual science of such processes, misinformation is often the result.  In my opinion, the question of how flow blue and mulberry decorations were made to flow has never been adequately answered.  While a fairly good selection of accounts describing exactly what was done may be found, particularly little is offered in explanation of why the apparently magical flow-producing steps worked. Although the potter’s “art” or...


eBay vs. the Convention – George Wells

You might get a sense that while the world turns and things change, our Club just keeps plodding along with blinders on. Not So! In fact, we carefully monitor the various market venues which compete on one level or another with our Convention, and you might be surprised with what we’ve found! It is no secret that EBAY has changed the complexion of the collectables market. Buyers who previously had to travel in order to find "material" now enjoy shopping in front of their home computers. Judging from the declining participation seen...