The club gets many requests about how to begin to downsize a collection.  These come from non-members who find the club accidentally while searching for info on Flow Blue, from family members that have inherited a collection and want to dispose of some or all, and from members whose spouse was ‘The  Collector’ who is no longer with us and there is a need to pass on or share some of the collection to other club members.

Let’s address the non-members first.  On the website, the club provides a Message Board that can be used by both members and non-members.  Anyone can list related items for sale, to buy or request information regarding unmarked or unknown pieces.  If you are trying to dispose of a collection, the more information you can provide will be helpful, i.e., types of pieces (plates, soup tureens, gravy boats, etc.   The more unusual pieces are more in demand.  Also, list potter, pattern, condition and price.  You can include pictures also!

The next way a non-member can downsize collection is to join the club  and attend the annual convention, held in different locations in July, and assign items for the auction and/or rent a table for ‘Flea Market’ items (prices less than $100) or ‘Table Sales’ (more expensive items.)  It is allowed for you to consign items for auction and another club member can bring to convention for you.

The club’s newsletter, “Blue Berry Notes” is published four times a year and has section for members to list items for sale or to buy for a small fee.  This service provides a means of communication to all club members and offers additional exposure to all club members and collectors, who just might need or want the items you’d like not to have.

We hope this information is helpful and wish you good luck in downsizing collection.  Of course, we would love to have you join the club and perhaps develop an interest in our lovely blue and mulberry dishes!