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FBICC Educational Materials

FBICC educational materials are being offered to flow blue lovers who are not club members.  Produced by the FBICC Educational Committee and club experts, these publications will improve pattern identification skills and impart an understanding of the histories and patterns of prominent potters.  Topics listed below, many with an accompanying DVD, provide readers in-depth study of special areas of flow blue and mulberry china.  Prices are listed below with a $3.00 mailing cost for each item in the United States only.  International shipping will be figured on actual mailing costs. Please make checks payable to FBICC.  Contact Helen Swan, for ordering and mailing costs.


Flow Blue China: Additional Patterns and New Information This book is an in color helpful pattern identification aid for flow blue china. Included are nice sections on rare and unusual pieces and children’s china. Norma Jean Hoener, 1996, pp. 1-176. ($15 and $3)

Teapot Body Styles: Flow Blue and Mulberry. This book is not available at this time. A new version will be available in the near future.


Additional Color on Flow Blue or Mulberry China:  Polychrome, Ground Color and Gaudy-Type Decoration.  This fascinating guide teaches the reader the world of applied color on flow blue and mulberry china.  Defined are different types of polychrome, ground color, and gaudy-type decorations.  Eight pages of color show rare and unusual pieces as well as the types of additional color.  Different potters of this beautiful china are discussed.  Ellen Hill, Helen Swan, and the Educational Sub Committee, 2011, pp. 1-28.  ($10 and $3).

Samuel Alcock
  This publication features four in color pages of Alcock’s rare and unusual china.  Forty-nine patterns are pictured in flow blue and mulberry with their marks.  Tools to identify Alcock china, often unmarked, are highlighted.  Jan Kobach and Helen Swan, 2012, pp. 1-28.  ($10 and $3)


Detecting Restorations This guide, designed to take along antiquing, directs readers to use their senses of touch, hearing, and vision to spot china restorations.  The authors identify common areas for damage to occur as well as mismatched finials and lids.  Heidi Woolf and the FBICC Education Committee, 2010, pp. 1-23. ($5 and $3)

The Johnson Bros:  A Dynasty in Clay.
  A detailed look at the history of the pottery is recorded in this booklet.  Printed in blue are many pictures of the patterns and body shapes.  William H. VanBuskirk, 1998, pp. 1-58.  ($7 and $3)


The Meigh Potters.  Learn about the Meigh Pottery by reading its history, patterns, and marks.  Several photographs, printed in blue, illustrate body shapes and patterns.  Bonnie Hohl, 2000, pp. 1-27.  ($7 and $3)

William Harry Grindley and His Flow Blue Dishes
 This booklet is the first of a two part series.  It defines and categorizes the flow blue body styles created by Grindley in both picture and narrative form.   William H. VanBuskirk, 1996, pp. 1-18.  ($7 and $3)

William H. Grindley, Part II.
  The categorization of Grindley’s body styles are continued from Part 1 in this booklet with many new forms added.  Body styles of bath sets are displayed as well as a look at rare and unusual pieces.  William H. VanBuskirk, 1997, pp. 1-37. ($7 and $3)


Flow Blue & Mulberry Children’s Wares of the 19th Century (c. 1830-1900).  Always a favorite subject, this booklet guides its readers through children’s tea sets, dinner ware, mugs and pitcher and bowl sets.  Besides discussing the patterns and potters, these authors also expound on the history of children’s wares along with body shapes.  Bob and Bonne Hohl, 2013, pp. 1-28.  ($15 and $3).


A Look at La Belle.  This thoroughly researched Look at La Belle shows in color over one hundred and thirty five pictures of La Belle, plus other Wheeling wares, a history of the pottery and a 1906 catalogue.  The author shows in great detail different blues and body shapes used by La Belle.  A must have for Wheeling Pottery collectors.  Dick Southern, 2013, 353 slides ($15 and $3).


Samuel Alcock. This in color DVD presents the convention power point speech that includes additional facts about Samuel Alcock not published in the original booklet.  Also featured in color are all current Alcock patterns and several rare and unusual pieces.  Jan Kobach and Helen Swan, 2012, 147 slides.  ($15 and $3)

Personal China of Victorian Men and Women
 This informational DVD is filled with personal flow blue and mulberry items used by men and women in Victorian times.  From humidors to calling card baskets, this fun DVD moves from the parlor to the nursery with rare and usual china pieces shown in color.  Ellen Hill and Helen Swan, 2008, 81 slides.  ($10 and $3)

Polychrome, Ground Color, Gaudy Type
.  This in color DVD is filled with polychrome and ground color pictures, many that are rare and unusual.  Ellen Hill and Helen Swan, 2011, 90 slides.  ($10 and $3)


Soups in Blue This delightful book features recipes of soups, stews and sauces.  Soup and sauce tureens highlight the recipes.  ($5 and $3)


Cheese under Blue.  Great as a gift, this book has great recipes for an appetizer, entree, side dish, and desserts.  Cheese keepers are illustrated in color with the recipes.  ($5 and $3)