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Hearts, Flowers, and Cherubs 

Well, the February Blog just had to be tentatively linked to Valentine’s Day with its custom of sending cards, flowers and confectionary developed in the 19th century, I am sure there are some of you that have cross-over collections of pretty Victorian Valentine’s cards but I am hoping to show off some of the arrays of flow blue and mulberry that have maybe a tenuous connection with the day – I was looking for hearts, flowers and cherubs  – forgive me if your pattern does not appear but there were so many to choose from.

Let us start off with our Heart Collage – starting with a fun series of Whimsy pattern plates imported by Fondeville & Van Iderstine of New York dating around 1900 -they cannot help but make you smile – along with a little social history.

Next, we have a Romeo and Juliet plate by Doulton c1910,  alongside a Wedgwood plate from the Ivanhoe series which features Ivanhoe and Rowena c1901, beside that we aptly have a loving cup which commemorates the marriage of D & M Davies pattern has been called “Myrthyr”– and then we have a lovely jug by Doulton entitled Sweethearts and Wives c1902, next line down we have a lovely jug depicting Cherubs by Wheeling Pottery LaBelle China c1900.

Next to the Wheeling piece, we have a pattern called Albemarle by Ridgways c1912 – this one has heart shapes in the pattern. The last line shows a plate with the pattern known as Bleeding Heart this pattern was made by at least 3 potters T & R Boote, c1845 Venables & Baines and Mellor Venables & Co.c1849 then last but not least the pattern known as Clive by Rathbone c1912 with its heart shapes in the pattern.

In the next collage of photos, you will find patterns of flowers and some that include hearts in the patterns – but also look out for the heart shapes.

The first row of the collage has a pretty Mulberry and colour pattern known as Rose & Jasmine by Josiah Wedgwood dated around 1850 – next, you have Trent with its lovely heart-shaped patterning made by New Wharf Pottery and dating around 1891

In the second row, we have a bone dish (tentatively heart-shaped) the pattern is Cambridge by Meakin dating around 1891, alongside this you have a beautiful jug with a pattern name “Scrollwork in Symmetry” maker unknown and would date around 1850, and to finish this row we have beautiful flowers on the plate, Althea, by Wood & Brownfield c1848.

In the third row, we have another flower pattern on Mulberry named Moresque by Josiah Wedgwood 1846 alongside that is a pretty little jug notice the heart shape cut out on the foot, it doesn’t have a pattern name but it has a Pattern Number 2/8433 and is made by John Ridgway dating 1840-50  next to this little gem we have a red ground Josiah Wedgwood plate again with a pattern number but also known as Flower Basket

On our last row is the heart-shaped Doulton dish in the Persian Spray pattern and alongside that is the Heart shaped pattern of Bisley by W H Grindley c1981.

As you can see, there are so many patterns that you could look out for in your antiquing and so many more that I haven’t highlighted. Hope you have enjoyed the photos and information.

Although you do not have to belong to the FBICC to read the monthly blogs please think about joining us – there are so many advantages, not least is the access to the pattern data base which has well over 3000 patterns and information. The 4 issues of the Blue Berry Notes which you are encouraged to add to with your own stories, collections and also your knowledge – we love to share.  There are the Regional Conventions held in local areas and then the Annual Convention where you will have interesting seminars to learn from, table sales and an auction where you will see so much Flow Blue and Mulberry it will take your breath away, but very important you will find lovely likeminded people who will make you feel so welcome you will wonder what took you so long to join.

All details of how to join in the fun are here on the website.

I Hope February brings you lots of joy and maybe a Valentine’s gift or just something you treat yourself to, why not share with the rest of us either through the Facebook group, the Blue Berry Notes, the website, or you could just email me and I will add it to the monthly blog.

Take Care Stay Safe and Be Kind


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