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“The Potter Who Loved Gold “ – William Alsager Adderley – WAA & Co.

We first find William Alsager Adderley registered in c1853 in partnership with Richard Booth Hulse, John Nixon and Rupert Adderley – operating from the Daisy Bank Works, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent where they manufactured China and Earthenware.

Time Line

1857 Rupert Retired from the business.

1853 to 1868 the pottery was known as Hulse, Nixon & Adderley

1869 after Nixon died it became Hulse & Adderley until 1874

1874 after the death of Nixon, William set up on his own in December of that year still at the Daisy Bank Works. Also known as Adderley Works Lightwood Road Longton.

1886 the pottery was renamed W. A. Adderley & Co.

1906 it became Adderleys Ltd.

1941 production was stopped due to the WW2

1945 it was one of the first potteries to be granted a licence to re-start production

1947 Adderleys was acquired by Lawleys Ltd. – servicing their chain of retail outlets

1952 Adderleys Ltd. and Ridgways (Bedford Works) Ltd. were combined as Ridgway & Adderley Ltd. Both were owned by Lawley

1955 the Adderley business became part of the Ridgway Potteries Ltd.

Beautifully shaped cheese dishes with great handles all enhanced with gold. Also shown are a couple of the back stamps that you may find.

A candlestick from a dressing table set, a chamber pot from a wash set, a toothbrush vase from a different patterned wash set, a beautiful footed centrepiece, another centrepiece bowl with twin handles, a serving plate from a dessert set and a moon flask.

Back Stamps and trademarks – Advertisements and Notices and a photograph of the Daisy Bank Works

As you can see by the photos Gold was heavily used on many of the Flow Blue items that can be found by this potter, often layered on top of a brown glaze possibly for a better effect, this also helps in identifying the items if there is no back stamp,  the designs and shapes are very decorative and of good quality, note the different handle designs and the great shape of the covers on the cheese dishes making them a very desirable item to add to a collection. An array of patterns on the moon flask vases, open bowls with twin handles, great shapes in the ewers and jugs and a wonderful array of vases, dessert sets and bathroom sets. Such a wide variety of shapes and items to collect from this Potter who loved Gold.