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The Story of the Toast Water Jug

What is a toast water jug?  It is a jug of differing shapes that has a strainer in the lip and a fitted cover.

Amoy Toast Water Jug

The Jugs made with a strainer and a cover were ideal for the purpose of making this drink.

What is toast water? It was used in Victorian times as a medicinal drink for the improvement of one’s health.

A recipe for the drink can be found in Mrs Beeton’s Book of 1861.

Place the toast into the jug – Boiling water should then be poured over the well-done but not burnt toast, place the cover onto the jug and leave to stand until cold. The liquid should then be strained, hence the strainer in the jug – It is preferable to drink the liquid as a cold drink as Mrs Beeton states that warm it is very disagreeable.

Did it work? Some believed it did others were not so sure or so keen to try it.

The early jugs appear to be made in the 1800s and there are several designs and makers.

The recipe was still finding its way into cookbooks in the 1900s

Here are a few examples of differing shapes and designs made by different potters.

Thank you to Dan Sapira for sharing some of his collection.